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Matsui Shuzo and the phantom Kurayoshi Distillery

Any regular drinker of Japanese whisky has heard about them. The infamous Matsui Shuzo. They're behind the highly controversial Kurayoshi ...
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Review: Kyoto Dry Gin Ki No Bi Edition K

The Kyoto Distillery surprised us this past weekend with the sudden release of Ki No Bi "Edition K." Currently only ...
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10 ways to drink Japanese whisky: #10, Choiso

As Japanese whisky makers enjoy their time in the worldwide spotlight, more and more people are waking up to the ...
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The Japanese Craft Gin: Koganei

Kanagawa prefecture's Koganei Shuzo is now making a craft gin fairly nearby Tokyo, with a focus on Kanagawa botanicals.  They've ...
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Furusato Nozei: Japan’s government-sponsored booze

Background: Local taxes in Japan Like many other countries in the world, residents of Japan pay taxes on their income ...
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Shizuoka Distillery begins all-Shizuoka whisky production

The Shizuoka Distillery recently posted details of their all-Shizuoka whisky on their blog, giving us more insight into what's going ...
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Whisky pens: Pure Malt Jetstream Inside

Mitsubishi Pencil's uni Jetstream series of pens is adored worldwide. The purported "answer to every negative stereotype you ever had ...
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Kinmon Akita brings whisky into the world of aged sake

The Kinmon Akita Sake Brewery has revealed some aged sakes due out on December 17th that supposedly have a whisky ...
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Single Malt Okayama for Tenmaya 200th Anniversary

Nikkei reports that Okayama's Tenmaya department store is teaming up with the Okayama Distillery to do a single-cask whisky release ...
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Masataka Taketsuru: Independent at Yoichi Distillery

2018 marks a century since the founder of Nikka Whisky, Masataka Taketsuru, set out on a journey that would alter ...
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