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Kirin Whiskey Pure & Mellow Riku Land Discovery

Kirin's new entry-level whisky has now been announced: it's called Kirin Whiskey Pure & Mellow Riku Land Discovery, and is ...
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Coronavirus leads to tour cancellations at Japanese whisky distilleries

COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the world. Japan in particular has been in the spotlight for the government's poor handling ...
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Niigata’s “Yaso” 80SPIRITS, 80GIN feature 80 plants+23 botanicals

Another one of Japan's herbal remedy companies is entering the world of spirits. This time it's Niigata prefecture's Echigo Yakuso, ...
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3 new Mars: Lucky Cat Hana, Le Papillon A. puspa, Shinshu Bartender’s Choice

Three new bottles from Mars Whisky have come out of nowhere, let's have a look at each! Mars is quite ...
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Review: Suntory On the Rocks Whisky Shikomimizu-wari

Once upon a time, Suntory had trouble selling Yamazaki whisky to anyone. Even Japanese people weren't buying the stuff. Today ...
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Kura The Whisky Sherry Cask Finish from Okinawa’s Helios

Okinawa's Helios Distillery is back with another KURA release. This time around, instead of a rum cask finish, we get ...
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Tasting: Shizuoka Distillery Private Cask 2019 New Make Spirit

This is our first proper tasting of a bottle from Gaiaflow's Shizuoka Distillery. They've been in business for nearly three ...
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The SG Shochu wants shochu in your bar from February 14

The SG Group and frontman Shingo Gokan are slated to launch "The SG Shochu" on February 14. The lineup of ...
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Suntory announces The Yamazaki 55 Years Old

Big news out of the House of Suntory today: they will be releasing Yamazaki 55 this summer. Per the company, ...
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Helios Distillery’s Japanese craft rum Teeda Aged 21 Years

Okinawa's Helios Distillery has released a 21 year old version of their Teeda Japanese craft rum. As far as Japanese ...
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