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Meet Kokuto Shochu, Amami Islands’ rum alternative

When we talk about shochu, Japan's native distilled beverage, we often say it's from one of three main ingredients: potato, ...
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Mars Malt Le Papillon A. cardamines

There's another new single cask whisky release in the Mars Whisky's successful butterfly series. This time around we have a ...
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Review: Ichiro’s Malt & Grain World Blended Whisky 505, “Silver Label”

In an effort to support bars and restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis, Venture Whisky has introduced a new iteration of ...
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Review: Zeiver

Zeiver is an international gin launched just this year here in Japan. Created by James Bilson and Clayton Patterson, the ...
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Osuzuyama Distillery brings Osuzu Malt New Make, Osuzu Gin

We talked late last year about Miyazaki prefecture's Kuroki Honten expanding their shochu empire with gin and whisky. Their first ...
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Japanese Whisky Product List updated: Compilation, color, and Chinese editions

There's been an update to the Japanese Whisky Product List, an exhaustive series of reference books that cover every Japanese ...
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Newly Licensed Whisky Distilleries, July 2020: Shinzato, Nagahama #2, Fuji Kaguya

It's been a while since Japan's National Tax Agency got around to updating their disclosures about newly issued distillery licenses ...
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Infographic: Japanese Whisky Timeline

Japanese whisky is rapidly approaching its centennial! This timeline takes a look back at the historical distilleries and brands that ...
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Coronavirus be damned: Japanese distilleries reopening to tours

Japan is starting to adjust to the new of living with COVID-19. This article tracks the re-opening dates for tours ...
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Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition 2020: Shochu Division Results Announcement

TWSC2020's next set of result is for the shochu division! Newly added for this year's competition, the division celebrates Japan's ...
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