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Chichibu Distillery to start using Chichibu mizunara this year

It's no secret that the Chichibu Distillery has a passion for getting involved in every step of the whisky making ...
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Akkeshi New Born Foundations 2 is peaty this summer

TTB filings by California-based Tokiwa Imports reveal that, as expected, the next iteration of Akkeshi New Born will be called ...
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Bombay Sapphire The Tonic Essence tonic-izes your soda

Five legendary Japanese bartenders have teamed up to create a new tonic essence called "Bombay Sapphire The Tonic Essence." It's ...
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Kagoshima’s Japanese Craft Gin Juju

Kagoshima-based Hamada Syuzo is the latest shochu distiller to enter the Japanese craft gin scene. On May 14 they'll be ...
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Tokyo Cocktail 7 Days 2018 cocktail week runs May 18-27

Tokyo's very own cocktail week is happening again this year. The 2018 edition of Tokyo Cocktail 7 Days is from ...
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Suntory Hakushu Distillery

Suntory's Hakushu Distillery is an easy day trip from Tokyo. In celebration of Hakushu 25 being named the World's Best Single ...
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Tokyo Whisky and Spirits Competition happening March 2019

Japan is finally getting its own international spirits competition! The "Tokyo Whisky and Spirits Competition" will be held for the ...
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Chuhai Watch: Pear, sumomo, kiwi, acerola, and melon soda

I think Japan skipped spring this year. In this edition of Chuhai Watch we've got lots of new fruity chuhais ...
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Coca-Cola’s first alcoholic drinks just got real: “Lemon-Do” chuhais coming May 28

The Coca-Cola chuhais have been officially unveiled! As Coca-Cola's first alcoholic drinks in its 132-year history, this is one we need ...
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There might not be a Yamazaki Limited Edition 2018

I'm sad to report that there might not be a Yamazaki Limited Edition 2018. Suntory has announced their Western liquor ...
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