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Win free tickets to Tokyo International BarShow 2019 ~Cocktail & Music~

May 11-12 is this year's Tokyo International BarShow! The theme this time around is "Cocktail & Music," so we can ...
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The Matsui Mizunara Cask wins Double Gold at SFWSC 2019

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition is the largest such competition in the world. In past years, we've seen several ...
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When is Tokyo getting its first subscription-based bar?

Tokyo's drinking scene appears to be tip-toeing around the idea of a proper subscription-based bar. When I say "proper subscription-based ...
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Suntory Japanese Craft Liqueur Kanade is official

Suntory has now officially unveiled the lineup of "Kanade" Japanese Craft Liqueurs that we reported on a few weeks back ...
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Ikawa Distillery to become Japan’s highest with 1200m elevation

Paper maker Tokushu Tokai Paper has announced the construction of a whisky distillery in Aoi-ku, Shizuoka, Japan. While the new ...
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Hanyu Card Series Full Deck Tasting in Gothenburg Sweden, Nov 2-3 2019

The Ichiro's Malt Card Series is a bellwether for the hype surrounding Japanese whisky. It's pretty much a perfect whisky ...
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KISS Rock Legends Sake Series

"KISS Japanese Sake" is now a thing that exists. The legendary rock group has teamed up with Tower Records to ...
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Personal seal maker Otani to launch a whisky distillery

In a bizarre twist, Niigata-based personal seal maker Otani has decided to create a whisky distillery in Niigata City. That's ...
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Review: Hitachino Whisky, 2019 edition

As I write this, I'm sitting at Hitachino Brewing Shinagawa. A couple weeks back, we covered a release that many ...
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Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition 2019 first results are in

A month ago I stopped by Japan's very first spirits competition, the Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition. The initial results ...
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