Komasa Jyozo Distillery Festival November 10-11

If you find yourself down in Kagoshima on November 10 and 11, head on over to the Komasa Jyozo Distillery Festival for some fresh whisky. It’s a celebration of a year since Komasa kicked off operations at the Kanosuke Distillery.

Don’t be fooled by the event’s name though–it’s not just Komasa. On November 10 the festival is being held at Kanosuke Distillery as the main area and their Hioki Distillery as the sub area. On November 11, however, Hombo Shuzo’s nearby Tsunuki Distillery is taking over the party! So if you want a chance to try both of Kagoshima’s relatively new whiskies, this is a great opportunity. While common for Scotch, it’s great to see two Japanese whisky makers actually cooperating, too.

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