Tokyo Bay Nouryousen 2017 launches for summer

Tonight marks this year’s first launch of the Tokyo Bay Nouryousen, a beer cruise that runs in Tokyo Bay to celebrate the summer. Departing nightly from 7:15PM and returning 9:00PM at Takeshiba’s Passenger Ship Terminal, the cruise this year runs until October 9th.

The Nouryousen is fairly famous with residents of Tokyo due to its affordable price — it costs just 2600 yen for the bay cruise+all-you-can-drink beer. In fact on Mondays through Fridays you can get an additional 1000 yen discount just by showing up in a yukata. 1600 yen for a 2 hour cruise and unlimited beer is hard to beat.

Seeing Tokyo Bay from the deck of the boat is an experience that should not be missed, so if you get a chance, be sure to get on one of this year’s departures. Reservations are required and can be made 1 month in advance of the date. Let me know if you need help!

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