Mars Whisky Sakura Cask Finish

Another new blended whisky out of the Mars Shinshu Distillery, this time using a sakura cask to give it an extra sweet, soft, and flowery body.

Mars unfortunately doesn’t really provide a whole lot of detail about this one beyond the above. They say it’s finished in casks made from sakura (cherry tree) wood, but they don’t specify how long the finish is.

As this one contains both malt and grain whisky, it’s likely using grain whisky imported from outside of Japan. And perhaps even imported malt — the product description simply says that it’s blended and finished at the Mars Shinshu Distillery.

The release consists of 2735 bottles, each at 750ml and 40% abv. The official price from Mars webshop is 3080 yen including tax (thanks to Matt for the link).

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