Review: Miyagikyo Manzanilla Wood Finish, Yoichi Manzanilla Wood Finish

Two guest reviews by David Tsujimoto of Aloha Whisky in one week! This time he’s back with his review of the new Yoichi and Miyagikyo Manzanilla Wood Finish releases, direct from Nikka’s Miyagikyo Distillery near Sendai.

As we learned last week, Nikka Whisky is repeating their single malt “Wood Finish” strategy again this year. Last year we had Moscatel Wood Finish for the Japan domestic market and Rum Wood Finish for international markets. This year we have Manzanilla Wood Finish for the Japan domestic market and Bourbon Wood Finish and Sherry Wood Finish for the international markets.

Thanks for sending over the tasting notes and pic, David!

Review: Single Malt Miyagikyo Manzanilla Wood Finish

Nose: White wine Chardonnay, orange zest, peppermint candy

Palate: Vanilla spice white sherry herbal. Slightly medicinal. Light mouth feel, thin, but not in a bad way

Finish: dry slightly tannic, short but leads to a pleasant salivation that acts as a nice diluter for the next sip. Vanilla and white wine returns.

Review: Single Malt Yoichi Manzanilla Wood Finish

Nose: very similar to the Miyagikyo, but the sharpness is dulled by slight smoke. Orange zest is unwavering.

Palate: light dry, hard to pick up the light peat. Orange peel. Light dry mouth feel.

Finish: Dry sherry menthol. slight heat and slight peat. Medium length finish with a fading burn.

Conclusion: Another solid cask experimentation, though it did it didn’t come close to making me close my eyes in bliss. Miyagikyo edged out the Yoichi where usually the peat adds dimension.

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