New Otani Hotels Cocktail Competition 2017 on August 18

Now in its 15th iteration, New Otani Hotels is once again throwing their own cocktail competition on August 18th. The theme for the cocktails this time around is “Innovation.” The event is scheduled to be held from 7PM to 9:30PM in the Fuyo Banquet Room. Entry costs 7000 yen for normies or 5500 yen for New Otani Club/New Otani Ladies members.

One thing fairly unique about the New Otani Hotels Cocktail Competition is that the winner is chosen by public vote — every attendee can cast a vote for his or her favorite cocktail of the night. You’re free to sample as many times as you like to arrive at your answer, of course. 7000 yen might seem expensive but this one does include a buffet-style dinner as well, with dessert. In addition there will be booths at the event from Asahi, MHD, Kirin, Sapporo, Suntory and many others, so expect there to be plenty of options available.

Make your reservations for the event here!

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