Suntory looking into distilling sanitizer in Japan

Spirits giant Suntory is considering producing alcohol-based sanitizer in Japan, according to a recent report by Mainichi Broadcasting.

We talked about why Japanese distilleries weren’t yet making sanitizer a couple weeks ago. Then some of the smaller ones went ahead and made really high abv booze anyway, not officially “sanitizer” but pretty damn close.

Suntory is Japan’s biggest distiller of whisky, and they importantly operate the Chita Distillery. To make an appreciable quantity of medical-grade ethanol sanitizer, you’ll want a massive industrial-style facility with continuous stills. And that’s exactly what Chita is!

The company is allegedly in talks with government agencies to get the necessary clearance. Mainichi reports that they are aiming to actually make sanitizer, and not just really high-proof booze.

This move to make sanitizer wouldn’t be entirely unprecedented for Suntory Spirits parent Beam Suntory — they are already doing so at Jim Beam.

That image is definitely fake by the way, thanks to freepik for the PSD template!

Update 4/15/2020: Suntory has just announced that Suntory Spirits is now making ethanol-based sanitizer for medical facilities at their Osaka factory.

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