Akashi Cabernet Franc cask from Isetan/Mitsukoshi

The latest whisky release out of Kobe prefecture’s Akashi Distillery is an exclusive for Mitsukoshi and Isetan department stores, dubbed Akashi Cabernet Franc Cask. Pretty young at 4 years, the first three are spent in bourbon casks, and the last is spent in a Cabernet Franc cask of unknown origin.

On the nose you can expect earthy, mineral grapes alongside an herbal bouquet garni. The body is described as being floral like sumire, with some spiciness about it ala cloves. Fresh and elegant, they recommend pairing it with seafood like acqua pazza. 11,880 yen for 500ml. But to be fair, it is 60% abv, so feel free to stretch it out a bit. Still in stock as of this writing!

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