Yokohama gets a craft gin distillery: Number Eight Distillery

The newly opened QUAYS pacific grill in Yokohama features a craft beer brewery, roastery, and craft gin distillery. The latter is named “Number Eight Distillery,” and it looks like they’ve already kicked off distillation.

The company behind the Number Eight Distillery is HUGE Co. Ltd. Residents of the greater Tokyo area might already be familiar with the company thanks to their restaurant brands: Rigoletto, Mucho Modern Mexicano, and Hacienda del cielo, and Dazzle, to name a few.

QUAYS pacific grill opened on October 31, 2019, as part of the Yokohama Hammerhead project.

Details are still lacking about the gin itself, but we do know it uses citrus from Kanagawa prefecture, herbs, and avocado. And it’s made on a Holstein still.

Presumably you can already give the gin a try — the drink menu for QUAYS mentions three different cocktails that use it as a base, No word on availability of the gin outside of the restaurant though.

Only a matter of time before we see something similar in Tokyo!

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