Johnny Walker Highball Studio @ Roppongi Hills, Sept 7-24

Kirin is rolling deep with Johnny Walker to open the Johnny Walker Highball Studio pop-up in Roppongi Hills during September. I’ve never really seen Johnny Walker be pushed as a whisky for highballs in Japan, but it’s blended and cheap enough, so why not?

There are two highballs on the menu, both using Black Label, both 500 yen apiece. The “Johnny Walker Ultimate Highball” is just 1 part Black Label and 3 parts soda. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! For the more adventurous you can order a “Johnny Walker Craft Highball,” and choose 3 spices/herbs to put on the rim of your glass to bring out the whisky’s smokiness, fruitiness, or woodiness.

This is by the way in the same space we had the Nikka Aroma Bar earlier this year.

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