Jose Cuervo Express in Japan chugs through Tokyo on Sept 3

The Jose Cuervo Express scenic railroad is listed as #15 on TripAdvisor’s list of things to do in Guadalajara, Mexico. For the second time around, a slice of that experience is coming to Tokyo as the Jose Cuervo Express in Japan on September 9.

7800 yen gets you a seat and unlimited cocktails on the 3-hour train ride that departs and arrives in Shinagawa. Although the concrete jungle route probably pales in comparison to the agave backcountry of the original, it should be a comfortable ride. JR East is putting their “Hana” train in action for the Jose Cuervo Express, complete with lounge seating and tatami rooms. Looks like tickets are still available, so get yours for a boozy Sunday train ride!

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