[Premium] Kanosuke Distillery: True Japanese Craft

Perched atop a hill at the beach, Komasa Jyozo's Kanosuke Distillery overlooks the East China Sea. Whisky and gin production has begun in Kagoshima, Japan's southern lands, utilizing traditional techniques honed by producing the cask-aged shochu "Mellowed Kozuru." 

Header image: 5 stainless steel fermentation tanks. The layout takes after shochu traditions.

Images/text: Mamoru Tsuchiya
Translation: Whiskey Richard

This article originally appeared in Japanese in Whisky Galore Vol.13 / April 2019.

3 stills for plenty of variety in the distillate

In November 2017, Komasa Jyozo's Kanosuke Distillery opened at Fukiage-Hama, in Hioki City, Kagoshima prefecture. Fukiage-Hama is one of Japan's Three Great Sand Beaches, a white sand beach stretching 47km north to south, created by ancient pyroclastic flows. The sunsets are especially beautiful over the East China Sea, immediately adjacent to the distillery. In fact, the name "Hioki" is said to come from the Japanese words for sun (hi) and put down (oku).

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