Kirin Single Grain Whiskey “Fuji” on April 21

It looks like Kirin has a second new whiskey coming along! This one is also NAS, but it’s a grain whiskey. In Kirin’s case, that means it’s primarily made from corn, rather than barley. 

Just last week that we learned of their new low-end NAS whiskey called Riku Land Discovery. However, it seems Riku has a bigger brother: a mid-market grain whiskey dubbed simply “Fuji.”

Kirin does not mess around when it comes to grain whiskies. We discussed that a while back when I played with their at-home blending kit, Kirin says we should expect Fuji to be fruity, but since they haven’t announced this one publicly yet, we don’t have full tasting notes available.

Expect to see it on April 21, but behind a bar, rather than on a store shelf — it’s (initially) an industry-only release. The bottle is 700ml, and no word on price yet. If I had to guess, I’d put it around 5000 yen, like their other grain NAS releases. Update: Looks to be 5400 yen.

Perhaps that recent trademark filing they made for the name “Mt. Fuji Distillery” makes a bit more sense now!


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