Nikka unveils Yoichi Grande, Miyagikyo Grande

Nikka today unveiled Single Malt Yoichi Grande and Single Malt Miyagikyo Grande, two bottles destined for Japan’s travel retail market. We don’t have to wait long either, with both arriving on April 12, 2022.

The latest limited-edition releases out of Nikka Whisky are two additional versions of their single malts.

What makes them special? Nikka said they’re using more whiskies which “represent the unique character” of each distillery. In the case of the Yoichi Grande, it uses more of Yoichi’s heavily peated whiskies, plus more virgin oak-aged whiskies. For the Miyagikyo Grande, the company says it uses a higher portion of the distillery’s sherry cask-aged malt plus more of that virgin-oak aged whiskies.

If you’re passing through duty-free at an airport in Japan after April 12, have a look. 10,000 yen for either bottle, 700ml and 48% abv.


  1. Chris

    Hi Richard! Would it be possible that you include the categorisation according to the standard of the whiskies that you write about? I think that would be a great service and maybe encourage the companies to provide that information already in their press releases. Thanks!

    1. Whiskey Richard

      Hi Chris, good point, I’ll try to mention it in my articles going forward. For what it’s worth, Nikka has already said anything labeled as Single Malt Miyagikyo or Single Malt Yoichi adheres to the JSLMA standard. So I don’t think they’ll go out of their way to be specific about every single variation that comes out.

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