Nikka Black Aroma Bar @ Roppongi Hills, 6/22-7/9

Nikka Whisky has announced a pop-up bar at Roppongi Hills Hills Cafe/Space, open from tomorrow until July 9th. The theme of the bar is experiencing the aromas of various kinds of Nikka Black whiskies, and they’ll be encouraging customers to do so using a new kind of nosing glass.

The glass in question, named the “Aroma Encounter Glass,”  was jointly developed by Nikka Whisky’s Blender Team and Asahi Beer’s Container/Packaging Lab. The team used thermographic infrared cameras to observe how aromas spread within a glass, and after advanced computer simulations and experimentation, decided on the current bottom-bolbous shape. Supposedly it maximizes the aromas considering their diffusion speed and thickness after opening the lid. Needless to say it’s worth a try!

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