TOGA Tenku Whisky from Wakatsuru Saburomaru

Hokuriku’s Wakatsuru Saburomaru Distillery has announced the upcoming release of a new blended whisky called “TOGA Tenku Whisky” to commemorate the 9th Theatre Olympics taking place on August 23 through September 23.

This 9th rendition of the Theatre Olympics is being jointly held in both St. Petersburg Russia and Toyama Prefecture’s TOGA ART PARK. Toyama is of course the location of the Wakatsuru Saburomaru Distillery.

Toyama is also the location of Inami, known for its tradition of wood carving going back several centuries. The distillery had a mizunara-head cask made in Inami using an old mizunara tree from Toga, then married malt and grain whiskies in the cask to create a single cask blended whisky.

While it’s not clear where those whiskies came from or how long they spent in wedlock in the special cask, only attendees of the Theatre Olympics are likely to find out any time soon. That’s because the whisky will only be available by the glass in the “Wood Lounge” at the Toga International Camp site, and by the bottle at the “Village Shop,” both being part of the Theatre Olympics venue.

52% abv, 700ml, 8000 yen before tax!

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  1. John Balin

    I’ve had the honor to taste a glass of this “TOGA Tenku Whisky” with a business-partner and I love it. It’s really special, soft and gentle in finish. Not to campare with western Whiskeys. I believe that real soon now, Japanese Whiskeys won’t have competition anymore! They’ve mastered the western-style of distiling already years ago and now they’re doing creativly their own thing, in a virtuos and masterful way!

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