Amahagan World Malt Edition No.2 Red Wine Wood Finish

It’s a bit of a mouthful of a name but the Nagahama Distillery has just announced their next iteration of the Amahagan World Malt.

Like the previous edition, the new Amahagan World Malt wears its non-Japanese nature on its sleeve. That means it’s unashamedly using imported whisky, and is essentially the product of the distillery’s blenders honing their craft.

No.2 here takes the same Amahagan as last time, but additionally ages it in a red wine cask. Now we don’t know how long or what kind of red wine — I mean “red wine” is a fairly broad category?? —  but the tasting notes mention berries, raisin, and orange peel.

Look for this one from May 21.


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