JR East Japan Hotels Creative Cocktail Competition 2018 on September 24

JR East Japan Hotels has announced they’ll be holding a cocktail competition for the first time, dubbed the “JR East Japan Hotels Creative Cocktail Competition 2018.” It’s taking place on September 24 from 12:30PM to 4PM at Hotel Metropolitan Ikebukuro, the brand’s flagship property.

These hotel cocktail events tend to be on the steep side, but usually for good reason. This one is 8000 yen, and that includes everything you need: food, samples of 13 different original cocktails, drinks, and tax. Hotel bar cocktails are generally pricey, so this should be a great opportunity to try plenty of them without spending too much.

The bartenders, as you may have guessed, all hail from various JR East Japan Hotels properties. That includes two bartenders from the only hotel actually inside JR Tokyo station, the iconic Tokyo Station Hotel. While not part of the competition, a sample of bartending legend Hisashi Sugimoto’s “Tokyo Station” cocktail will also be available. That’s the signature cocktail of Tokyo Station Hotel’s Bar Oak, one of the few bars in Japan that people actually line up for, as they take no reservations.

The winner of the cocktail competition won’t be determined by some panel of judges. Instead, event participants will submit votes to determine the winner. Tickets go on sale August 15 and will be available both online and at the various JR East Japan Hotels properties.

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