Introducing the Nomunication Forums! Join the Nomikai today

Today I’m launching the Nomikai,’s official forums to give the internet a single place to discuss everything related to drinking in Japan. Japanese whisky, what bars and stores are good, sake, tax law, chuhai, bars, cocktails, travel tips, you name it! Sign-up today and let’s kick this thing off!

It’s been a year since officially went live, but there’s been something missing: community. Sure, there are pockets of English-speaking Japanese whisky/spirits drinkers hanging out elsewhere online, and many of you even refer or link to this site in those discussions. Thanks!

But why should we be so splintered? How about a space everyone can use, no ads or agenda, completely free, no apps or SNS required? As a first step towards building that kind of community, I’m happy to announce the launch of the Nomunication Forums, the Nomikai. Nomikai is Japanese for “drinking party.”

I’ve created some categories based on common discussion themes:

Of course there are some other basic community features like private messaging, profile customization, notifications, etc. Plenty of room to grow! Going forward, some content will be posted only on the forums.

You can use also (optionally) use your Facebook, Google, Twitter, or WordPress accounts to join the Nomikai in just a few clicks and start posting!

Share your thoughts! Start nomunicating now!

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