Ki No Bi private bottling by Shinanoya, “Sen no Suzu” for Gin & Tonic

Shinanoya and The Kyoto Distillery have teamed up to do a private bottling of Ki No Bi called “Sen no Suzu.” Available for pre-order now on Shinanoya’s website and shipping on October 24, Sen no Suzu has been specifically blended to use in a gin & tonic. They’ve done this by adding two botanicals — coriander and angelica — to Ki No Bi’s standard botanical lineup. This was accomplished by Shinanoya’s buyer teaming up with three professional bartenders. The label features art from famous shodo artist Tomoko Kawao.

Given Ki No Bi’s success, stocks of this one will likely go quickly. It’s available for pre-order at Shinanoya’s site now, 6480 yen after tax.


  1. George

    I bought a bottle of this from a french website, but unfortunately it did not come with a box – the only place I can find that sells with a box is Dekanta, but living in the UK that would mean spending £200 on a new bottle. I have asked them if they would sell me the box on it’s own, but no luck. Please help me find a box!

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