Japanese Craft Gin Perfume Gin

A new line of Japanese craft gins has been announced, named “Perfume Gin,” created in collaboration with two of Tokyo’s famous female bartenders.

The Perfume Gin series is the result of a team-up of liquor shop Liquor Mountain, Ooyama Shinhichi Shoten, Kaimon Sanroku Fragrance Garden, and two bartenders: Erika Oguri and Yukino Sato.

Ooyama Shinhichi Shoten is a Kagoshima maker of imo shochu, known for their “Satsuma no Homare” brand of potato-based shochu. They also recently created Jin7, and Japanese craft gin.

Erika Ogura is owner/bartender of bar Algernon Sinfonia in Akasaka Mitsuke. She is the winner of the 2017 Nadesico Cup, and is also a former “idol” — she is an ex-AKB Cafe Girl.

You’ll find Yukino Sato behind the stick at Ginza Six’s Mixology Salon, serving up many of their tea-based cocktails. In 2014 she was a Japan finalist for Bols Around the World, and she’s also a Rum Concierge, Tequila Maestro, and Whisky Expert.

And then there’s Japan’s first botanical garden, Kagoshima’s Kaimon Sanroku Fragrance Garden. It was created in 1942, at a time when Japan was unable to source herbs and fragrances from overseas due to WW2. The Kaimon Sanroku Fragrance Garden has experience with distillation but for an entirely different purpose: the creation of essential oils.

Instead, the Perfume Gin line uses Ooyama Shinhichi Shoten’s shochu as a base. From there we get three different bottles.

  • Perfume Gin Ho Leaf ~Bartender’s Blend~ by Sato-san and Oguri-san
    • The body is described as having notes of juniper, ho leaf, rose geranium, and yuzu. For the finish we get a slight sweetness of potato shochu.
    • 1000 bottles, 3200 yen + tax, 500ml @ 47% abv
  • Perfume Gin Chiran Tea ~Bartender’s Edition~ by Sato-san
    • Juniper berry, chiran tea, ho leaf, marigold, then a spicy and peppery finish.
    • 500 bottles, 3200 yen + tax, 500ml @ 47% abv
  • Perfume Gin Lemongrass ~Bartender’s Edition~ by Oguri-san
    • Ho leaf, and rosemary, aroma of juniper and yuzu, then a slightly spicy accent. The palate opens up with herbs, and is followed by juniper and yuzu. A “drinkable aroma,” per Oguri-san
    • 500 bottles, 3200 yen + tax, 500ml @ 47% abv

All three bottles are scheduled to start shipping in late October. Get over to Liquor Mountain to order if you’re interested!

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