Nikka increasing Japanese Whisky prices by up to 56%

Japan’s #2 whisky maker, Nikka, has officially announced price increases slated to go into effect on April 1, 2024. The move follows price increases announced by their competitor, Suntory, just a few weeks back.

Surely you know the drill by now. Nikka is citing increased costs for ingredients, packaging, energy, and transport as the reasons for this latest increase. Seems like essentially their entire lineup of Japanese whisky is seeing some sort of increase. Let’s take a look at the list. All prices shown pre-tax.

ProductSizeOld Price (JPY)New Price (JPY)Increase
Taketsuru Pure Malt700ml4,5007,00056%
Single Malt Yoichi700ml4,5007,00056%
Single Malt Yoichi 10700ml8,00012,00050%
Single Malt Miyagikyo700ml4,5007,00056%
The Nikka700ml6,5008,50031%
Super Nikka700ml2,8003,20014%
From the Barrel500ml2,8003,20014%
Nikka Session700ml3,8004,20011%
Nikka Date700ml3,5004,00014%
Black Nikka Clear700ml90099010%
Black Nikka Special720ml1,3501,49010%
Black Nikka Rich Blend700ml1,3301,46010%
Black Nikka Deep Blend700ml1,5001,65010%

Maybe the price increases aren’t as drastic as Suntory’s, but on the other hand, the only age-statement bottle in that entire lineup is the Yoichi 10. And it’s going up by 50%!

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