Chuhai Watch: Sparkling Rosé & Sparkling Mango, Winter Mandarin & Winter Yuzu

Four new chuhais coming soon! All of these are limited editions, so if you like em, stock up!

Kirin gives us Hyoketsu Rosé Sparkling, using the juice from Italian red grapes. This one is 5% abv, coming on September 19. Also coming out the same day from Kirin is Hyoketsu Mango Sparkling, obviously with mango flavor. 4% abv

Suntory has two new winter-only flavors coming out in their -196°C series: Winter Mandarin and Winter Yuzu. Winter Mandarin uses mandarins from Wakayama Prefecture, and the yuzu come from Tokushima. Both of these are being released on October 17, at 5% abv.

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