Chuhai Watch: New Kirin Strong Hyoketsu, Bitters Lime & Ginger, Honshibori Autumn Citrus

Kirin is at it again! For the Strong Hyoketsu series the first to highlight is a new and improved version of the existing lime flavor. The abv remains at 9% of course, but this is supposed to have both a stonger lime juice flavor as well as stronger carbonation versus the previous model. This was a stealth release — they’ve already made the above changes to the production line starting from July. However given the changed packaging, some eagle-eyed readers may have already noticed.

Next up is the Strong Hyoketsu Kyoho Grape, also in 350ml/500ml at 9% abv. It uses Kyoho grapes from Japan’s Shinshu region. Grapes isn’t such a common flavor in chuhais so it’s good to see this one return this year. It’s coming on September 12.

August 22 marks the release of Kirin Chuhai Bitters Lime & Ginger, almost like a RTD Moscow Mule. Kirin is emphasizing that they juice the ENTIRE lime — peel and all — to make this one. It’s available in the 350ml size.

Last up is the limited edition release of Kirin Honshibori Autumn Citrus, a mixture of lemon, Satsuma Mandarin, orange, and shequasar. It’s at 5% abv, available in 350ml from September 5.

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