Chuhai Watch: Honeydew Hyoketsu, Pineapple Kokushibori, and more!

More fruity flavors coming around when spring gets kicked off here in Japan!

  • Kirin is bringing a Hokkaido-only flavor of Hyoketsu out: Hyoketsu Hokkaido Honeydew. As far as I can tell it’s the first time they’re doing this flavor! It’s coming out on March 27 in 350ml or 500ml, at 4% abv. Although officially available only in Hokkaido you can likely order some from Amazon JP as well.
  • The first of 4 new ones from Suntory is Kokushibori Premium Pineapple. In addition to containing a bit of rum to emphasize the tropical flavor, there’s a whopping 20% real fruit juice here. It drops on March 20, 350ml, 5% abv.
  • Another Kokushibori is coming along: Kokushibori Kiwi. While lower at 10% fruit juice, hell, it’s kiwi, so it should still be super sweet. It’s also 5% abv but coming along on April 3.
  • Horoyoi White Sour (Grape) has a bit of a milky base and brings a lower 3% abv. This one comes along March 27.
  • Suntory is happy to remind us that they saw a 13% increase in sales of their -196°C series during 2017. They’ve announced that -196C Strong Zero Bitter Lime will be joining the permanent lineup of the series. It was released in May of last year and I guess sold quite well! It’s also coming along March 27, 9% abv in 350ml or 500ml sizes.

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