Nikka Days whisky released, EU only for now

Nikka’s latest release for the European market is a whisky called Nikka Days, and it’s now available from French whisky powerhouse Le Maison du Whisky.

Given that Nikka Days is not available in Japan, it occupies a space similar to that of Suntory’s Toki. Nikka Days is described as being a “subtle blend of grain whiskies,” so malt lovers may be disappointed. For those that are good with grain-forward whiskies, though, the €39 price point should be quite attractive in a market dominated by expensive Japanese whiskies.

Here are the tasting notes direct from the horse’s mouth:

PROFILE: Fruity and smooth
NOSE: White flowers, orange blossoms, pear and citrus
PALATE: Smooth. Cereals, malt, toffee, roasted nuts, vanilla
FINISH: Dry apricot, malt, vanilla

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