Chuhai Watch: Kokushibori Grapefruit, Pineapple, Strong Zero Apple, Hyoketsu Kiwi

Bring it on! Three new flavors coming in from Suntory, and one from Kirin.

  • Suntory’s Kokushibori Grapefruit uses a whopping 40% actual fruit juice as well as grapefruit liqueur. 6% abv, 350ml, already released a week ago!
  • In the same series is the Kokushibori Pineapple, with 20% fruit juice. And it contains a bit of rum to highlight the pineapple! Nice. It’s 5% abv instead, and available from October 24.
  • Suntory’s -196°C Strong Zero Apple Double comes out today! A strong 9% abv but with a double dose of apple juice. This could be a blend to remember, especially for cider fans.
  • Also coming out today is Kirin’s Hyoketsu Kiwi, a seasonal limited edition. 5% abv and in the 350ml and 500ml sizes.


    1. Whiskey Richard

      If you like a particular flavor, it’s a good idea to pick up a case or two from Amazon Japan. I do this every year with the Hyoketsu Strong Pineapple, it’s amazing!

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