Suntory quadruples sales targets for Roku Gin, announces overseas release

Suntory released their Japanese Craft Gin “Roku Gin” back on July 4 here in Japan. Today they’ve announced that actually, it’s been selling ridiculously well. So well that they are quadrupling their sales target this year from 1000 cases to 4000 cases.

In less than a month they’ve met the target for the whole year. Maybe Suntory has a hit on their hands here.

That new target of 4000 cases isn’t just for Japan though — they have simultaneously announced two quite exciting tidbits of info as well.

First of all, the overseas launch: beginning in September, Beam Suntory will be launching Roku Gin in Germany, Taiwan, and SE Asia. They’ve toned it down just slightly. While the Roku Gin for the Japanese market is bottled at 47% abv, the overseas one will be 43% abv.

The other piece of related info is that a Select Edition Roku Gin will be available at travel retail as well. This one apparently has even stronger sakura notes to it! Just looking over my tasting notes from back in May, this sounds like a great move!


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