New author: Eric Yee, @starvinggigolo

I’m happy to announce that Eric Yee, who also goes by the handle starvinggigolo, has elected to contribute his awesome Japanese whisky reviews to!

I noticed Eric’s postings on the Japanese Whisky Consortium Facebook group and reached out to him. Specifically I was impressed with the depth he goes into for each of his reviews. He provides background and anecdotes about each bottle, rather than just rattling off a list of tasting notes. While not based in Japan, he visits Japan specifically for Japanese whisky — that’s what I call dedication!

While my personal focus has been on reviewing new releases, Eric’s reviews cover Japanese whisky both old and new. To stay current, give him a follow on Instagram today.

Certainly, has always been about contributing to the conversation of the Japanese whisky & spirits community. Our Facebook page and the interaction there is an important component, but the reality is that I’m only one person, and can only create so much content for this page myself. As a result I am thrilled to have Eric join the team, and definitely want to talk with anyone else who is interested in contributing in any way: news, reviews, graphic/creative, bar visit reports, whatever! Amateur, professional, industry, non-industry, just drop me an email and we can discuss.

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