Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2018: Tokyo edition

William Reed has announced the 2018 results of Asia’s 50 Best Bars, and Tokyo has made a great showing! While a few mainstays have dropped in ranking, others climbed. And we have two new joiners:

  • High Five has dropped to #6
  • Bar Trench rises to #16
  • Bar Benfiddich climbs to #20
  • Cocktail omakase wonder Gen Yamamoto is a newcomer to the Asia list at #34 (quite deserving given it was #88 in last year’s World’s Best rankings, and an amazing bar)
  • Bar Orchard Ginza is back at its 2016 ranking of #37
  • Mixology Salon joins the list at #40. This is a small bar located in Ginza’s new Ginza Six building, offering cocktail courses highlighting a variety of teas
  • Star Bar is at #43
  • Nara’s Lamp Bar is now at #45

If you’re curious how these rankings are decided, read away!

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