Chuhai Watch: -196°C Strong Zero Green Apple, Kokushibori Pear, Honshibori Citrus, Hyoketsu Orange Cowboy

More chuhais inbound from both Suntory and Kirin! Let’s jump right in:

  • -196°C Strong Zero Green Apple is a limited release from Suntory, coming along December 19 at 9% abv. This is a season-limited release, so don’t miss it.
  • Also joining the fray from Suntory is the Kokushibori Premium Brilliant Pear flavor, another season-limited release coming on December 19. This one is 5% abv like others in the Kokushibori series.
  • Chuhai king Kirin comes along with Honshibori Citrus on November 21. It’s a mixture of sudachi, kabosu, alongside grapefruit juice to yield a chuhai that’s not sweet. It’s at 6% abv, available in only the 350ml size.
  • Kirin is also releasing Tabisuru Hyoketsu Orange Cowboy, the latest entry to the Tabisuru (“traveling”) series. They’ve basically tried to recreate a Texas Fizz in a can, according to Kirin. It’s 4% abv and dropping on November 28. Kirin has sold 2.5x their yearly target for this series as of September, so obviously it’s doing quite well!

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