Haircuts & Highballs at Dewar’s BARBER BAR in Shibuya

A new promotion by Bacardi Japan has a pop-up barber shop called BARBER BAR serving free “NY style” haircuts and Dewar’s highballs to 24 dudes over the course of two days.

The “Dewar’s BARBER BAR” will be located at the entrance of Shibuya MODI on Oct 6 & 7, 12PM-8PM both days. But you can’t just show up an get a haircut! There are some conditions that need to be met:

  • Male, aged 20-45
  • Wants to get a haircut. A NY style haircut.
  • Okay with having your face plastered in promotional materials online (official site & SNS). But not your name!
  • Have an account at Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
  • Can show up at the scheduled time/place
  • 20 years or older, no allergies to alcohol, and can drink a highball
  • Can attend via public transport

Surely that applies to plenty of guys though, so you’ll need to sign up here by Sept 4 to try and get a spot. Good luck!

Just as an aside, MODI is in a very busy part of Shibuya, so expect lots of passer-bys as well.

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