Bar Times Store releases bar tool box

Time to get your hard shake on! The Bar Times Store has just released a Yukiwa brand box set of bar tools that makes a nice gift for the bartender in your life. The 9000 yen set, all stainless steel, contains:

  • A 360ml cobbler shaker
  • 31.5cm bar spoon
  • 28ml/43ml jigger
  • Square strainer

These all fit nicely into the included wooden box you see pictured above, making storage both elegant and simplistic.

In case you’re not familiar with Yukiwa, it’s one of the brands created by Sampo Sangyo out of Tsubame in Niigata Prefecture. Tsubame has a long history of metalworking that began with producing nails in the 17th century, but these days the region accounts for over 90% of Japan’s domestic production of Western cutlery and metal kitchen goods. Sampo Sangyo began making bar tools back in 1952, so they’ve had over 60 years to perfect their technique. The Yukiwa brand is famous for quality and durability. Just in case that luster does wear out one day, you can also send your tools in to get them re-polished for a <1000 yen fee.

For those in Japan, the set is available for purchase from Bar Times Store’s Japanese online shop. For those overseas, you can check out their English online store, but since I didn’t actually see this box set there yet, you can contact them to let them know you’re interested as they do ship internationally.

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