Black Nikka Rich Blend Comfort Aroma on October 16

Prior to an official announcement, the jokers over at Liquor BOSS have spilled the beans on the next cheap whisky out of Nikka: Black Nikka Rich Blend Comfort Aroma. Looks like it’s coming along on October 16 for around 3000 yen.

It’s been over a year since the release of Extra Sherry, the last iteration of Rich Blend. This makes the second ever limited edition of Rich Blend. Comfort Aroma weighs in at 43% abv, and builds on the sherry notes of the standard Rich Blend by adding some mellow flavors imparted by a remade cask. I suppose that’s comfortable? Hell, I’ll just let the official tasting notes do the talking;

Nose: Bright ripe fruit, sweetness of vanilla and caramel, soft oak

Palate: Sweet and mellow, with plenty of smooth malty depth. Background of Coffey grain

Finish: Pancakes, cookies, and lasting slight bitterness

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