Suntory Japanese Craft Liqueur Kanade is official

Suntory has now officially unveiled the lineup of “Kanade” Japanese Craft Liqueurs that we reported on a few weeks back. That is:

  • Japanese Craft Liqueur Kanade Matcha
  • Japanese Craft Liqueur Kanade Yuzu
  • Japanese Craft Liqueur Kanade White Peach

This move allows Suntory to offer an entire “Japanese Craft” range that bartenders can use for Japanese-y cocktails: Roku Gin, Haku Vodka, and now, Kanade liqueurs. The new Kanade product page has a whopping 25 suggested cocktail recipes using the new liqueurs, and many of the recipes do indeed call for Roku gin or Haku vodka.

The releases, slated for June 4, will at first only be sold to bars. As we’ve seen though, it’s very possible that some of these find their way into the secondary market.

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