Single Malt Komagatake Y’s Cask pre-orders open

Liquor shop Liquor Mountain is now taking pre-orders online and in-store for their new collaboration with Hombo Shuzo, dubbed Single Malt Komagatake Y’s Cask.

It’s been 4 years since the renovation of the pot stills at Hombo Shuzo’s Mars Shinshu Distillery. But from what I can tell that happened in November of 2014. This whisky, however, pretty clearly says it was distilled in January 2014. So if you must have a whisky that was created on the older still crafted by Iwai-san himself, get on it.

It’s aged 4 years in bourbon barrels, comes in at 61% abv, and will be sold at 700ml for 10,476 yen after tax. Shipments should begin around March 23. No tasting notes yet!

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