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Ki No Bi Gin wins IWSC 2017 Gold Medal

Kyoto Distillery’s Ki No Bi Gin has taken home a gold medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition, now in it’s 48th year. IWSC Gold awards are given to products that are a “Superior example; setting the standard.” So it’s a very high honor for the Kyoto Distillery team to receive one of the industry’s most prestigious awards. Congratulations!

The judge offered the below tasting notes:

Aromatic pepper on the nose with a delicate sweetness, zesty citrus, and cherry blossom. To taste, an intricate blend of botanicals, starting with dry earthiness and moving onto spicy coriander. More citrus peel notes follow, then comes a blooming burst of cherry blossom that is both soft and elegantly sweet. In contrast, the finish is dry and piney, with a light glow of peppercorns.

The “blooming burst of cherry blossom” has me a bit confused since I don’t think Ki No Bi actually contains cherry blossom as a botanical. But don’t let that stand in your way. Ki No Bi tastes wonderful so if you have space on your shelf, buy a bottle already! 2017 is after all the year of Japanese gin.

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