Grab a beer to go daily in Ginza for 2500 yen a month

Kirin’s Spring Valley Brewery brand is launching a new service at their Beer To Go location in the basement of Ginza Sony Park. It’s named “Club BTG,” and allows you to grab a beer every weekday for a monthly membership fee of 2496 yen.

Yes “grab” — this isn’t a subscription box service, where you’re sent some product every month. Instead, you’ll need head to Ginza, choose your beer from the 17 they offer, and take it out. That said, you can do so every weekday. In that sense, it’s sort of like a beer version of MealPal, but with no reservations required.

I suppose if Ginza is convenient and you like Spring Valley Brewery’s beer, this could be a great service. Spring Valley Brewery charges 500-700 yen for their regular size beers (250ml), so after 5 visits the subscription will be cheaper than buying the beers straight up. Options include

Now, where is my combini chuhai subscription service?

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