Japan Distillery Map now even better!

I’ve made the below improvements to the Japan Distillery Map, making a great resource even better:

  • New categories! The “Future” category is for distilleries that have made public their plans to make & sell something, probably whisky. The “Speculative” category is for distilleries that have obtained a license to distill but haven’t actually announced any plans yet. You can of course filter by these new categories too.
  • Pictures! With a few exceptions, every distillery now features a picture of the place.
  • Visiting! Open for tours is now displayed in the distillery listings below the map.
  • Fool-proof! There’s now a key on the map page as well, explaining the map icons.
  • New color scheme! Matches the theme of the site much better, if you ask me.
  • Visual tweaks and improvements! There was some crappy CSS causing visual glitches, but this has been fixed. It now looks and works even better on both PC and mobile versions of the site.

Check out the new map if you haven’t already!

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