Vermouth 851#001, Akashi Old Sherry Butt 12, Tsunuki Single Casks, Wa Bi Gin Double Cask Finish

This latest bottle roundup stretches across the entirety of mainland Japan, with a vermouth from Hokkaido, whisky from Hyogo, and whiskies and gin from Kagoshima.

Vermouth 851#001

We talked about the Maoi Distillery‘s crowdfunding project earlier this year, and Vermouth 851#001 is their first product. Alongside 9148 gin, it forms the two components of the Hokkaido Martini. Sales of Hokkaido Liberty Wine’s vermouth are supposed to keep the lights on at the distillery–alongside the crowdfunding, of course–while their brandy is maturing.

Wine made from Portland grapes grown in Hokkaido’s Niki steeps orange peel, wormwood, Sakhalin fir, Japanese gentian, kombu, lemongrass, chamomile, lavender, sansho, and cinnamon. A gin-like flavored spirit is then added afterwards. Given it’s primarily for martinis, there’s a focus on more bitter, dry notes.

It’s great to finally see an actual Japanese vermouth. Not this crap.

Already released on November 16, 3500 yen+tax @ 350ml. 20% abv.

Single Malt Eigashima Old Sherry Butt 12 Year #105036

The latest whisky out of the White Oak Distillery is a single cask 12 year sherry bomb. Eigashima Shuzo says that it’s the most expensive bottle ever released in company history at 22,000 yen.

On the nose there’s rich, sweet chocolate and dry prunes, with a hint of cinnamon-like spiciness. The palate brings thick sweetness, hefty acidity, and deep sherry tannins.

White Oak doesn’t often sit on their casks for a long time, so this 12 year release is quite the rarity. Wonder how it compares to the 8 year?

500ml, 61% abv, 22000 yen but it looks like it’s already sold out.

Single Cask Tsunuki #T333, #5134, Wa Bi Gin Double Cask Finish 2020

Going further south there’s a pair of single cask releases plus a gin from Mars Whisky’s Tsunuki Distillery. These bottles were originally planned to drop at the Tsunuki Distillery Festival 2020, which was canceled for obvious reasons.

Single Cask Tsunuki #T333

A heavily peated (50ppm) number distilled in June 2017 and bottled in September 2020. Bourbon cask, 288 bottles, 500ml, 59% abv. Gone for 7700 yen after tax.

Single Cask Tsunuki #5314

This one is non-peated and is a hair older, distilled in December 2016 and bottled in September 2020. Bourbon cask, 299 bottles, 500ml, 60% abv. It went for 7700 yen after tax.

Japanese Gin Wa Bi Gin Double Cask Finish 2020

They don’t say how long, but this is a blend of gins that sat in ex-whisky and ex-rum casks for an undisclosed length of time. 1161 bottles, 495ml, 55% abvv, and 5500 yen after tax.

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