Suntory announces DNA GLASS Project

Suntory has announced the DNA GLASS Project, where you can get a 3D-printed glass designed specifically for you based on an analysis of your DNA.

There aren’t a ton of details available about the process, but according to the project’s “How to Create” page, you take a sample of your DNA from your saliva. That DNA sample is then used to create a 3D model of a glass with some specific parameters dictated by:

  • Alcohol tolerance – used to determine the capacity
  • Sensitivity to hops bitterness – determines the thickness of the rim
  • Sensitivity to malt aroma – top diameter
  • Stimulation preference – sharpness of the glass
  • Sociability –  the complexity

I had no idea some of those things were even determined by genetics! But anyway, your model is then subsequently printed using 3D printing.

Now, exactly how that DNA gets turned into a 3D model, Suntory hasn’t said. They also haven’t said anything about pricing or when this will be available. Will keep you updated!

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