Amahagan World Malt Edition No.1 from Nagahama Distillery

Spell Nagahama backwards and you get Amahagan, the name Nagahama Distillery has chosen for their experiments with blending. We know that they’ve been fiddling around quite a bit with their peat levels at Japan’s smallest whisky distillery, so it looks like they’ve begun trying their hand at blending as well. This is of course their first blended malt.

Make no mistake, “World Malt Edition No.1” isn’t a Japanese whisky. They are specific that it uses imported whisky, and the series was essentially created as a way for Japan’s smallest distillery to practice blending. While it does reportedly contain some Nagahama Distillery liquid, how much, we have no idea. That said the ingredients don’t list grain, so it’s only using malt whisky.

700ml, bottled at 47% abv, and being sold from December 4 for 4900 yen before tax.


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