Chuhai Watch: 13 New Chuhais over Chuhai Season

I count no less than 13 new chuhai releases over the summer season. We’ve got new options from Suntory, Kirin, Asahi, and Sapporo. Keeping track of all these is getting a bit overwhelming, especially during the summer as demand for RTDs goes through the roof. So I’m just going to combine all of them into one!

From Suntory:

Asahi’s releases:

  • Mogitate Shequasar. Like the rest of the Mogitate (“fresh picked”) lineup, these use Citrus depressa that are juiced within 24 hours of picking. 9% and available at 350ml and 500ml sizes. Notably, this isn’t a summer-only release. Available from August 8.
  • Asahi Chuhai no Shunkan (“chuhai moment”) autumn-only flavors, Yamanashi Pione and Japanese Pear. Both 4% and 350ml, to be released August 22 and available until around the end of October.

Chuhai King Kirin has a lot going on:

  • Hon-shibori Natsukan. The Hon-shibori (“seriously squeezed”) series has always prided itself on using real fruit juice and this one contains a whopping 24%. Natsukan is a Chinese citron. Summer only, 5% abv, 350ml. Released on July 18.
  • Traveling Hyoketsu Peach Amore. This is supposed to be like a Bellini that you drank while in a quiet bar in Venice. At 141 yen I’m not sure that’s what will happen but it’s coming out on August 22, 350ml and 4% abv.
  • Traveling Hyoketsu Haochi Lychee. This one is that blue drink you had while looking out at Hong Kong’s nighttime urban lights. 350ml, 4%, released July 18.
  • Hyoketsu Kumamoto Mikan. Kumamoto was recently hit by and earthquake so Kirin is donating 1 yen per can sold to the recovery effort. August 1, 5% abv, and available in 350ml or 500ml sizes. This is a limited release.
  • Hyoketsu Strong Mix Punch. Always great to see new STRONG flavors, even limited ones. This is a mix of the company’s acerola, lychee, and peach flavors. Available August 8 in 350ml and 500ml at 9% abv, only at combinis!

Getting to Sapporo:

Plenty of great new choices! Let me know how you like them.


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