Review: Tokachi Brandy Shima Fukuro 1989 Barrel No. 2632

Tonight we’re drinking a single cask Japanese brandy by Tokachi Brandy dubbed Shima Fukuro 1989 Barrel #2632. Considering how much I liked the last bottle of 30+ year Shima Fukuro, I have high hopes!

For the backstory about Tokachi Brandy, I’ll point you to the review I did of the previous bottle. The cliff notes are that about 50 years ago, one of Hokkaido’s municipalities (Ikeda-cho) decided to venture into the cultivation of pretty hardy grapes due to disaster and the cold. And they’ve been making brandy using said grapes since 1964.

A big difference between this bottle and the previous is its strength. This one is bottled at a whopping 60% abv, making it drastically stronger. I don’t know when it was bottled, but they do say it’s again matured for over 30 years, so given the 1989 vintage, it’s some time within the past couple years. And yes, it’s a single cask release! Let’s get involved.

Review: Tokachi Brandy Shima Fukuro 1989 Barrel No. 2632

Nose: There’s a tint of sulfur and other minerals met with an awesome oakiness. Cinnamon and dry grassiness about it as well.

Palate: Dry and deep fruity notes of apple, ripe pear, cherry, and prunes. Allspice and pepper come along to the party too.

Finish: Lasting spices with plenty of heat, Chocolate closes things out.

Score: A+

Price paid: This one was a gift from the TWSC Executive Committee. But you can get your own for 15,000 yen before tax. 700ml, 60% abv.

Here it is, the ultimate nightcap. To many of us, Japanese whisky is simply too expensive for what it is. Japanese brandy hasn’t had its time in the spotlight but hopefully with the success of Japanese wine, it will have its moment soon. I suggest you try this before that happens.


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