Akayane Craft Gin Heart (Aki), (Fuyu), Premium Vodka

Today sees the release of not one but two new Japanese craft gins! Akayane continues their quarterly releases of the Craft Gin Heart series. This time the fall and winter editions being released simultaneously, completing the series. The Aki release uses these 6 botanicals:

  • Shimeji
  • Hen of the woods
  • Kabosu
  • Sweet potato
  • Vanilla
  • Juniper berry

And the Fuyu release the below:

  • Juniper berries
  • Sakurajima Komikan
  • Tankan
  • Kinkan (kumquat)
  • Yuzu
  • Passion fruit

Sounds strange saying it, but the Aki could be a mushroom-forward gin? Then there’s the citrus mix you get in the Fuyu, which brings to mind the traditional Japanese image of eating mikan over New Years’ holidays.

While we’re at it, we may as well also mention that Akayane has a vodka coming this month called Akayane Premium Vodka. Being another white spirit, it should compliment their gins and absinthe. Personally I expect Japanese vodka to become a bit of a thing during 2019.

Image credit: artisan_spirits.ltd


  1. Timothee Traber

    Hello Richard,
    While you are correct regarding the botanicals of “Aki”, the fall release, the winter is very different.
    Actually “Fuyu”, the winter release is another 6 botanicals: Juniper berries, Sakurajima Komikan, Tankan, Kinkan, Yuzu and Passion fruit.
    The Vodka is 100% made from sweet potato and very smooth.

    1. Whiskey Richard

      Thanks Tim — the Musashiya product pages are still showing the same botanicals for both gins though. Where are you seeing the botanical list for Fuyu? It’s not on the Akayane homepage yet either.

      edit: actually I think I just figured out where you got the info… will correct the article!

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