Review: Kaiyō Japanese Mizunara Oak Cask Strength Whisky

In our recent report we learned much more about the story behind Kaiyō Whisky. This puts us in a better position to get into the whiskies themselves! This is the second bottle of four we’ll be reviewing.

Kaiyō Japanese Mizunara Oak Cask Strength Whisky weighs in at 53% abv, which as far as cask strength whiskies go, is fairly low.

Again we have no age statement, so if you’re a Japanese whisky age-statement die-hard, you’ll be disappointed. In case it’s not obvious already, I am not an age-statement die-hard — I would likely just be drinking brandy or bourbon these days, were that the case.

So let’s give this whisky a try!

Review: Kaiyō Japanese Mizunara Oak Cask Strength Whisky

Nose: Prune, apricot, dried orange, spiced oak

Palate: Slightly rubbery with blackcurrant, heavy malt, and salted chocolate-vanilla spice. That orange disappeared…

Finish: Starts with a mild heat, with a long ending of chocolate and mizunara oak

Score: B+

Price paid: $99, 750ml, 53% abv

While still fairly young, this is definitely a whisky for mizunara fans looking for more of a kick over the original Kaiyō Whisky. The higher heat highlights the spicier points, but dig deeper and you’ll find a basket of salted fruits and chocolates.

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