Black Nikka Rich Blend Extra Sherry is official

Black Nikka Rich Blend Extra Sherry is official

Nikka Whisky has now officially announced the release of Black Nikka Rich Blend Extra Sherry, the first-ever limited edition of the Rich Blend brand. It's coming along May 29, just in time to buy a bottle for Father's Day.

Regular readers of this site have of course known about this release for quite some time. I would prefer to call this a "semi-limited" edition though -- Nikka expects to ship around 130,000 bottles. That should be plenty! Similar to last year's limited edition Nikka Blacks, it will probably be sold everywhere for a month or so. Then, poof.

2000 yen before tax, 700ml, and 43% abv. I made my pre-order on Amazon JP back when this first popped up for 1912 yen. Looking now though, somehow it's gone up to 2970 yen. Liquor Mountain is still listing it for a much easier 2138 yen.

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