Black Nikka Rich Blend Extra Sherry is official

Nikka Whisky has now officially announced the release of Black Nikka Rich Blend Extra Sherry, the first-ever limited edition of the Rich Blend brand. It’s coming along May 29, just in time to buy a bottle for Father’s Day.

Regular readers of this site have of course known about this release for quite some time. I would prefer to call this a “semi-limited” edition though — Nikka expects to ship around 130,000 bottles. That should be plenty! Similar to last year’s limited edition Nikka Blacks, it will probably be sold everywhere for a month or so. Then, poof.

2000 yen before tax, 700ml, and 43% abv. I made my pre-order on Amazon JP back when this first popped up for 1912 yen. Looking now though, somehow it’s gone up to 2970 yen. Liquor Mountain is still listing it for a much easier 2138 yen.

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