Three new Mars single malt whiskies

Three new single malt whiskies out of Mars Whisky’s Shinshu Distillery! All available now.

From left to right we have:

  • Mars Malt Le Papillon C. thyodamas is the latest entry in the butterfly series of single cask, single malt whiskies. This release comes out of a sherry butt that was filled in May 2015, and bottled in February 2019, so a bit under 4 years. Expect medium peat. 464 bottles at a cask-strength 54% abv.
  • Single Malt Komagatake Tsunuki Aging Bottled in 2018 is 2019’s edition of the Shinshu-distilled, Tsunuki-aged line of single malt whiskies. Again we have another 3-year aging, but this time in a mix of “mostly” bourbon casks (just “Tsnuku Aging,” without the Bottled In 2018 tag, was aged in only bourbon casks). 1462 bottles will be available at 57% abv.
  • Finally we have the Single Malt Komagatake Double Cellars Bottled in 2019. An NAS, it’s a blend of whiskies aged in both Shinshu and Yakushima, where Mars Whisky maintains another aging facility. Compared to the fruity 2018 edition, the 2019 bottling is said to nose bitter chocolate and apricot, feature spice, saltiness, citrus, and cookies in the palate, then finish with sweet vanilla. This one may be easier to find with 3,659 bottles at 47% abv.

Thanks to @dstorey for the tip on these releases!

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