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For this year’s Honkaku Shochu & Awamori Day, celebrated annually on November 1, I’m thrilled to announce that has entered into a content partnership with SHOCHU NEXT, the internet’s premier source of in-depth info on honkaku shochu, awamori, and other Japanese craft spirits.

Honkaku shochu and awamori are Japan’s native spirits, but they aren’t so well-known outside this country compared to sake or Japanese whisky. Here, local and national government resources like those of the National Tax Agency and JETRO have recently been dedicated to propping up these two categories and building out export markets.

SHOCHU NEXT and share those goals, so we’ve taken the initiative to partner up to offer our full support. The initial stage of our partnership includes communicating the joys of honkaku shochu and awamori, plus industry updates, in English and Japanese, across both media properties.

For translation into English, we’re employing the services of famed Japanese drinks industry translator Jim Rion. No machine translations! This ensures article translations aren’t just natural, clear, and accurate but that they also use industry-standard terminology.

Over the past few years, the aromas and flavors of shochu are beginning to earn recognition worldwide, with bottles picking up awards at competitions such as IWSC, ISC, Kura Master, and TWSC here in Japan. By offering regularly scheduled content, from distillery and product-focused articles to industry trends and interviews, we want to spread accurate knowledge of the categories worldwide. The first article is already available here!

We hope you will join us on this journey!


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