Asaka Distillery Cask Owners Round 2 sign-ups open

Liquor shop Fukushimaya Shoten and Asaka Distillery have teamed up to start taking sign-ups for the second round of the latter’s cask owners system. Asaka Distillery, the newly renovated distillery belonging to Sasanokawa Shuzo, was introduced in our previous article here.

For those that aren’t familiar with owners casks, basically this system lets you call dibs on whisky in a specific cask that’s filled and aged just for you. In the case of this round 2 at Asaka Distillery, that’s on or after March 2018, aged for 5 years, and tapped/bottled on or after March 2023. 1 lot, at 16000 yen, gets you rights to two bottles 700ml worth of liquid at 43% abv. The cask itself is likely to be an ex-bourbon one. The custom label for your bottle is sold separately; no clue how much that is though. Asaka Distillery has said they’ll go ahead with this round if they get orders for 100 or more lots. So to be fair, it’s not your personal cask at that price (duh), but it is your whisky is inside it, along with everyone else’s.

Send your contact details via this page in Japanese and — assuming there are still lots left — you’ll hear back from Fukushima Shoten to finalize your order. Although the site doesn’t specify, I’m assuming they will only be taking orders from those within Japan.

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